Welcome to Global YotioSoft

What's YotioSoft?

Yotioisoft is a site that delivers a variety of free software.

It was founded in 2014 in Japan.

Mainly I'm making a useful tool or Fake OS in Japanese.

I'll make English software in the future.

What's this site?

This site is overseas edition of YotioSoft.

In order to introduce the YotioSoft,This site was made by webmaster of YotioSoft.

Fake OS

Fake OS is pseudo Operating System software.

In YotioSoft,"Walls" is most popular Fake OS.


Convenient Tools

"Y-Tools" is a typical convenient tool software there.


Jokes software

There are a variety of jokes software : EEG receiver type computer , JIPOO(Times software) ,

Virus mock etc...